Smart Cities
are made by
Smart Citizens!
How can we engage citizens to make our cities more social, rather than just more hi-tech?

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Jorge Saraiva, CEO

Being part of the solution is everyone's responsibility!

As a tech lab we do our part by developing a city’s engagement platform.
Do your part! Have it installed in your city!

Margarida Lopes, COO

Citizen Centric: the paradigm shift!

To become more sustainable, cities will need to define its processes by starting to place the citizens in its cores.
That’s the secret for every Smart City: a citizen centric proposition!

Tiago Vieira, Designer

Reinterpret the city style.

What type of people does the city best serve? Who will love living here? This defines the city style.
Not only the aesthetics and design but also the entire communication.

Isabel Santos, Mobile Strategist

Hardware is already in place. Focus on software!

Most citizens have more computing power in their pockets than NASA had when sent a man to the moon. Why investing in sensors to plan higher liveable standards if you can just ask people?

Paulo Travassos, BI

Beyond data: emotions!

Data provides you numbers, if you transform it into information you get indicators. Move forward towards knowledge!
Instead of Indicators just work based on behaviours!

Monica Casanova, Engagement Expert

It is all about relations not transactions!

We live in the era of prosumers (producers and consumers simultaneously). You don’t supply a prosumer. You collaborate!
Citizens are prosumers so it is all about building a relation.

Pedro Viana, Strategist

Citizen engagement is a Mayor’s level decision!

Unlike most Smart Cities technologies, Citizen Engagement Platform is a social network of the size of your city. It is all about city values! And the elected Mayor personalizes values!

Domingos Araújo, Database Architect

Safe City

A City Platform deals with Internet of things, Internet of services and Internet of people! The focus on Internet of data is high priority considering its security. Privacy must be taken into consideration as well advanced digital security methods.

Maria Granado, Citizen Service

A Social City is Smarter City!

Focus on how people live and their expectations. Investigate the living pulse of the city. Establish a bi-directional dialog! Everyone will participate building a long-term city plan and combining forces for its execution.

Bruno Oliveira, UX

Tecxperiences for a new mindset!

When implemented, a social city is a “refresh” in citizens mindset! Residents won't see the city as it is but will start imagining the city as it should be!
Technology empowers!

Flávio Castro, Content Advisor

City Content!

Every city has a specific content! Content is the reflex of citizens’ way! Content management is vital to attract people and define city’s development plan! What is the content of your city?

Gabriela Viana, Sustainability

Digital sustainability

Digital world is eco-friendly, user friendly and cost saving.
It is the perfect starting basis to engage all residents. This platform is the perfect example to engage the city for a sustainable development.

Engage Citizen
Everyone is part of the solution.
Best set of tools for collaboration!

For citizens it is a social network.

For government agencies it is a CRM (Citizen Relationship Management).

For the city it is a collaboration platform.

It is a paradigm shift towards citizen behaviour.

Collaboration means a “more for less” approach and the certainty that whatever is build will succeed, simply because everyone is engaged!

for Citizens
I Wish
What would you like to see in your city? Where would you like to see it happening? Can you picture it?
Engage citizen’s mobile app allows you to take a picture of a specific place and tell everyone what you would like that to become. All other residents can join your wish and when everyone is in line, wishes can become reality!
Fix This
Have you found something wrong in your town? Report it! Take a picture with our mobile app and your city’s government agent will fix it quickly!
City management is an everybody’s responsibility, be part of the solution!
Raise your voice… Citizen Engagement Platform is your amplifier!
You can start a petition and every resident in that area will know about it!
Manifestation, strike, exhibition, fair, market, party or a simple meet up… You can create it and entire city will have an event’s calendar!
A city’s calendar app may also be available!
Simple and direct access to all municipal government information! Whatever you need you can request it via Internet.
On the other side, an entire Engagement centre will take your request high priority!
You can start a project with your neighbours and followers for a city improvement.
Your projects can be extended to municipal government if that is important for the city!
You can contribute by giving your time, materials, money or anything else to the projects you like!
Become a proactive citizen!
Local News
Real-time local news into your mobile and your citizen social network! News are presented according your preference.
A well-informed citizen is a key citizen!
"Citizens have the tools and the will to participate!"
for Government Agencies
Citizen Relationship Management
All citizens information just one click away.
Self-service web processes in city’s social network.
Scan every offers into a workflow. Real-time KPI.
Increase your efficiency by reducing costs!
Service Management Solution
Mobile field service provider brings service requests into worker' s hands anywhere he is. Efficiency will increase by 25%. Better control on cost and material usage. Citizens will report their satisfaction about the Job! Beyond KPI, you’ll get KBI (Key Behaviour Indicators).
Project Management System
You take control of Your Projects. Documents, contracts, suppliers, partners and controllers in same platform! You can also open parts of it to citizens and get them involved more actively. Citizen’s projects can also be managed in close collaboration with your agency. That’s one of the main principles of Citizen Engagement but can only be managed by this system!
“We need to adapt to technology evolution! But data is only important if we can turn it into information.”
Rui Moreira,
Oporto’s Mayor
“Governments must develop digital masterplans for their cities! In addition to that, need to intensively engage its citizens. That is the only smart way to develop a smart city!”
Anthony Townsend,
New York University
"Smart cities attract smart people The advancement of IT is not just about automating cities, but about creating a developed, energy efficient and productive place."
Brett O’Riley,
Chief Executive of Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development
"Innovation requires Collaboration!"
A Partner in every city!
Develop globally. Implement locally.

Technology is global. Centralized development means advanced technology adoption for every city!
Implementation is local thought.
The way a city runs is based on local characteristics.
A successful implementation enhances the city strengths! On the other end world's best practices turns all cities alike.
We believe that implementing an engagement platform must focus on city´s best characteristics and its citizens´ preferences!
To do that we're building a global partner's network! One team per city... Interested in building the basis for progress in your city? Engage with us!
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